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EW DMX Transmitter


The Elation EWDMX Transmitter (when paired with the EWDMX receiver) is an excellent solution for systems in which running control cable to each unit is impossible or too time consuming. The adaptive frequency hopping technology (FHSS) and time division multiple access (TDMA) gives the user a guaranteed for a much safer technology without interference. The FHSS changes frequency uptp 1000 times per second and jmps only to channels that are not used by other W-LAN or other products on the 2.45GHz band. Up to 16 transmitters (16 dmx universes) can be used at once. Also up to 1000 receivers can be used per transmitter. Not every lighting fixture requires a receiver. You can use one receiver and daisy chain the remaining fixtures. Both 3 & 5 pin inputs/output and up to a 3000' range. Please call for the lowest price!

EWDMX Transmitter Features:

• 512 USITT DMX channels per system
• Multiple receivers can be used per transmitter
• 1 button programming
• Up to 16 universes (transmitters)
• Up to 3000 wireless feet
• FHSS Technology
• 3 & 5 pin XLR

• Please call for availability and the lowest price.
• Also available in a packaged system

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