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The Elation DP-640B is a high output 6 channel (2 plugs per channel) DMX dimmer or relay/switch pack with dual 20A circuits. The on board controls allow the user to set each channel to dimmer or switch independent of one another. It also allows the user to set the channel intensity.

DP-640B Features:
• 6 channel hybrid pack with dual 20A Edison sockets per channel.
• Each channel can be assigned to Dim or Switch modes.
• 4 function LEDs for DMX Address, Patch Address, Local Control, and Dim/Switch modes.
• On board Local Control allows for dim intensity adjustment, from 0-100%, for each channel.
• Dual 20A/AC120V Power line cords.
• Digital LED-display
• Two 20 Amp circuit breakers
• Panic function dip switches
• 3 & 5 pin XLR inputs and outputs

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