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The Elation DM-2512R is a dual universe DMX merger that allows you to take 2 DMX signals and combine them into one. The first of three user selectable modes, HTP (highest takes priority), will give priority to the highest channel output. HTP is most commonly used to controller dimmer channels. In backup mode a controller that is connected to the B input is on stand by and will only take precedence if the controller connected to the A input fails. When set to merge mode, the controller signals coming into input A and B will merge into one output. 10-position dip switches are available so the starting DMX address channel can be set for the controller that is connected to input B. For example, a Stage Desk 16 is connected to input A, you would patch the controller that is connected to input B at channel 17 and also set the binary address on the DM-2512R to 17. This unit is not typically necessary for most systems but is crucial when trying to merge two systems with different controllers into one system.

DM-2512R Features:
• DMX Signal Merger
• 19-inch Rack Mount
• Dual Universe
• 3 Selectable Function Modes: Merge, HTP and Back Up
• Addressable Via 10 Position Dip Switches On Rear
• Two (A&B), 3-pin XLR Outputs On Front & Rear Panel
• Single, 3-pin XLR Outputs On Front & Rear Panel
• DMX Signal, LED Indicators For DMX Inputs
• Power Switch & Indicator LED
• 9VDC, 1000mA Minimum Power Supply (Included)
• Dimensions: 19" x 2.87" x 1.73" (482 x 73 x 44mm)
• Weight: 2.53 lbs. (1.15 kg)

Category: DMX Solutions, Elation

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