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SQ4-10x20 System

Global Truss

A great system for a 10' x 20' booth area. It has one open side creating an open and inviting space and features rounded corners for a unique look. Save by buying a complete package system over buying individual pieces! This system is suitable for hanging heavy LCD or plasma screen TVs. Uses our 12'' aluminum box truss. We can also build a system to your specifications or slightly modify this system to better suit your needs! Call 1-800-793-5308 for more information or to have a system custom designed to fit your needs.

SB3-10x20 System Includes:
  • All the connecting hardware you'll need...nothing extra to buy
  • 2 x SQ-4126-R rounded 3 way corners
  • 2 x SQ-4121-R rounded 2 way corners
  • 4 x SQ-4137 1x1 standard aluminum bases
  • 6 x SQ-4113 2.5 meter (8.2') sections
  • 2 x SQ-4112 2.0 meter (6.56') sections

Optional: You can substitute 1 x SQ-4112 and 1 x SQ-4114 for 2 x SQ-4113 if you wish. This will allow you to configure the system in either a 10x20 or 10x10 size.

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