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SQ-F24-C21 (90º 2-way)

Global Truss

The SQ-F24-C21 is a 2-way 90º corner for our 8.5'' mini box truss. This corner will allow you to make a 90º turn to make arch ways or a suspended box. All corners in the F24 series measure .5m (1.64') on each side.

For a floor standing box check out the 3-way 90º corner. Also, be sure to check out the UJB (universal junction block). This junction allows you to make a wide variety of 90º bends and is reconfigurable! Often a good alternative to the standard style fixed corners.


  • 8.5'' square aluminum truss
  • 1-1/3'' main tube
  • 1/3'' brace tube
  • One set of connection hardware included
  • 2-Way 90º corner

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