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SQ-4110 1.0m (3.28')

Global Truss

The SQ-4110 is a 1.0m (3.28') straight section of box truss made from high strength 6082-T6 aluminum alloy. 6082 aluminum alloy is gaining in popularity over the 6061 alloy that is often used in truss fabrication because it has a higher tensile (10%-18% stronger) and higher corrosion resistance due to a lower copper content. What does this mean for you? A superior product in both strength and finish while retaining the low cost and lightweight features!

What are some more practical features that might be more pertinent to the average user? One such feature is the specialized conical coupler connection system. The coupler receivers, couplers and securing pins are all tapered which means a much tighter and stronger joint than you might find with other truss types. Additionally the couplers are solid pieces of machined aluminum and the coupler receivers are almost four times thicker than the rest of the truss for an extra measure of strength at a crucial point. This connection system also means quicker and easier connection than other on the market. Simply insert the coupler, push through the pin and secure it with the r-clip. No nuts, bolts or washers to lose and no need for special tools or wrenches.

Perhaps best of all our truss is pre-fabricated and ready to ship to your doorstep!

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  • 11-7/16'' aluminum box truss
  • 2'' O.D. main tube
  • 3/4'' O.D. brace tube
  • .08'' wall thickness
  • 1 set of coupler hardware included
  • Natural aluminum finish (has a "sheen")
  • Pre-fabricated and ready to ship

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