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Spacer 105

Global Truss


All truss, corners and junctions come with connection hardware.  Some designs may require just a bit more length.   The Spacer 105 spacer tube goes between two segments of truss to add more length. This one adds 105mm (4.1') and is available in both silver and black.  It will fit all Global Truss using the 50mm (2'') diameter tube.

Now for some good news!  You don't have to figure all of this out for yourself!  We offer free design help.   Just call or email us with a quick sketch of the design you have in mind, some rough dimensions, and we'll select the correct pieces and put together a drawing for you!


  • Fits: F31, F32, F33, F34, F34P, F44P, DT36
  • 50mm (2'') OD Tube
  • Does not include couplers or pins
  • Silver or Matte Black Finish

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