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Shure PGX24/Beta58


The Shure Performance Gear X (PGX) Series works great for houses of worship, schools, mobile djs or just about anyone needing a feature packed wireless microphone at a great price point. Moving into the PGX series from the PG series gains you some very valuable features like 90 available frequencies, AA batteries instead of 9V batteries (AAs are less expensive saving up to $65 if batteries are changed weekly), automatic channel scanning for the clearest possible signal, heavy duty road case, and more.

• Up to a 300' working range
• Automatic transmitter setup
• 90 selectable frequencies

• External 1/4 wave antennas
• P2 Hand held mic weight: 218 grams (7.7oz) without the battery

• Durable road case
• Battery life: > 8 hours
• AA alkaline battery required
• Receiver dimensions: 7.4'' x 4.0'' x 1.5''

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