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Global Truss DT-Pro 5200

Global Truss

The Global Truss DT-Pro 5200 is part of the new line of stand from Global Truss and offered under their Duratruss line of truss and stands. What sets the DT-Pro 5200 and the other Duratruss stands apart is the crank design. Instead of using a typical wench and steel cable the Duratruss stands use a gear driven design which cuts down on the number of moving parts. The durable construction and outriggers make it ideal for situations that require extra height and heavier loads. The Global Truss DT-Pro 5200 has a maximum height of 16.4' and a maximum vertical load of 440lbs yet weighs only 110lbs making it much easier to handle than other stands in it's class.

Global Truss DT-Pro 5200 Features:

  • 16.4' maximum height
  • 440lbs maximum vertical load
  • Weighs only 110lbs
  • Folded height - 6.08'
  • Foot extension diameter - 6.56'
  • Integrated casters
  • Independent adjustable leveling pads
  • Onboard out-rigger storage
  • New cableless crank design
  • Stand adapter is $60 when purchased with the stand

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