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BBE MaxCom


The BBE MaxCom is a compressor/limiter/gate and Sonic Maximizer all in one easy to use one rack space unit. Because it has balance inputs and outputs it is great for the live sound professional looking to clean up and trim down a rack. The MaxCom gives you two fully independent compressor/limiters with controls for release and attack time, threshold and compression. Each channel has its own meters that show input level and gain reduction. If you want to control both channels at once the stereo link button allows you to do so using channel one controls.


  • Compressor/Limiter/Gate and Sonic Maximizer
  • One rack space
  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs
  • Unbalanced ¼” Inputs and Outputs
  • Bar graph meters for input level and gain reduction indication

Category: Signal Processors

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