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Base plate 3.3S

Global Truss

The Base Plate 3.3S is a steel 3'x3' base plate that fits our standard 12'' square, triangle, and I-beam truss or 16'' box truss. This plate is ideal for single totem type stands or systems that might be supporting a lot of weight.


  • Fits 12'' square, triangle and I-beam truss or 16'' truss
  • 95lbs
  • 3'x 3'
  • Half couplers included for connection
  • Ready to ship!

Please give us a call at 1-800-793-5308 and tell us about your project! We'd be happy to assist you in determining what will work best for your situation, give you a list of items you'll need, a freight cost shipped to your doorstep and a FREE CAD drawing so you can see what your finished product will look like!

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