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Base plate 20x20A

Global Truss

The base plate 20x20A is an aluminum 20'' x 20'' square baseplate that fits the 12'' square and I-beam truss, the 8.5'' square and triangle truss and the 4'' square truss. This plate offers a good balance between weight and size for the 4'' and 8.5'' truss sizes. For the 12'' it is a good step up from the standard 12'' base allowing for more room to bolt the truss down or area on which to place sandbags. The handle cut-out is convenient for moving the base in and out of venues.


  • Fits 16'' square (F44P/DT44P)
  • Fits 12'' square (F34) and I-beam truss (F32)
  • Fits 8.5'' square and triangle truss (F23)
  • Fits 4'' square truss (F14)
  • 13lbs
  • 20'' x 20'' aluminum
  • Convenient handle cut-outs
  • Half couplers included for connection
  • Ready to ship!

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