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Applied L-16M

Applied Electronics

The Applied Electronics L-16M is a long time industry standard for mobile applications. The L-16M can be set up by a single user in approx. 2 min! With an engineer certified 500lb. weight capacity limit at any height the L-16 will handle most lighting and sound requirements with ease! The primary difference between the L-16M and the standard version is the adjustable outriggers allowing the user to set it up on uneven ground.

L-16M Features:

  • 16' maximum height
  • Adapts to uneven ground by use of adjustable outriggers
  • 500lbs maximum load
  • Integrated casters
  • Collapsible legs with adjustable leveling pads
  • 2'' square top tube with .188'' wall thickness
  • 4'' square base tube
  • Heavy duty self braking winch
  • Collapse dimensions: 16'' x 18'' x 81''

L-16 Available accessories:

  • Triangle truss adapter
  • Box truss adapter
  • Club truss adapter
  • Speaker adapter
  • Double frame adapter
  • T-bar adapter

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