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SQ-F24-C35 (90º 3-way T)

Global Truss

The SQ-F24-C35 is a 3-way 90º T junction for our 8.5'' mini box truss. This junction will will allow you to branch off of a straight run of truss for an additional leg or cross section. All corners in the F24 series measure .5m (1.64') on each side.

Be sure to check out the UJB (universal junction block). This junction allows you to make a wide variety of 90º bends and is reconfigurable! Often a good alternative to the standard style fixed corners.


  • 8.5'' square aluminum truss
  • 1-1/3'' main tube
  • 1/3'' brace tube
  • One set of connection hardware included
  • 3-Way 90º "T" junction

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