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Weekender DMX Polished


The MBT Weekender DMX is a great all package for a church or production company looking for a no hassle all-in-one portable lighting system. Everything you need is included in the system so all you have to do is unbox everything and set it up. Also because this system uses DMX control it is easy to expand if needed. Just buy additional par cans and dimmer packs and you're ready to go.

System includes:
• 1x CX803 - 8 channel controller
• 2x DX404 4ch dimmer pack
• 8x P56PC polished par 56 cans with 300 watt lamps
• 2x LTS01 heavy duty light stands
• 2x 50' control cables
• 2x GP56A (red, blue, green, yellow) color gel sheets
• 2x GP56B (orange, bright rose, bright pink, slate blue) color gel sheets
• 1x GP56C (bright pink, mauve, orange, peacock blue) color gel sheets
• 1x GP56D (magenta, light red, deep orange, deep lavender) color gel sheets

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