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Show Designer 3


Control even the largest lighting rigs with the Elation Show Designer 3! Elation has expanded on the successful and easy to use Show Designer 1 and 2 to control more fixtures easier. The built in compact flash drive makes it easy to back up programs, add fixture profiles or update software. Fixture profiles and software updates can be found on Elation's website .

Show Designer 3 Features:

• Easy-to-use operation
• Large moving light fixture library available
• Software updates available at
• Compact Flash drive on rear for memory back-up, loading fixture profiles and software updates

1536 DMX Channels
3 DMX Universe, 3 & 5 Pin connectors on each output
Control 48 moving light fixtures up to 32 channels each
Control 128 Conventional dimmers
Playback scenes using buttons or playback faders
Effect generator to create chase effects
Conventional dimmers can be included in scene memory or be independent.
Factory ready color, gobo, focus & effect presets
Large moving light fixture library available (same profiles as Show Designer 2)
Scene preview with “Go” button
Solo feature allows scenes to track through or play solo
Scenes can be combined and recorded as new scenes
Scenes, shows, chases and presets can be assigned to the playbacks.
Playbacks can manually fade channels (LTP mode) or trigger timed fades while manually controlling dimmer levels (HTP mode)

80 Character backlit display for easy programming
4 menu and control data wheels
48 Multi function Quick access buttons
100mm faders
8 dedicated playback faders with 32 pages
8 flex faders with page selection for moving light channels, conventional dimmers or additional playbacks.
Pan/tilt joystick with coarse/fine control
Grand master fader
Flex master fader
Go, stop and back buttons
Blackout, audio and beat buttons
2 USB LITE connectors (for gooseneck lamps)

3 (3 Pin) DMX Outputs
3 (5 Pin) DMX Outputs
Midi-In port
CF-drive for memory back up, loading fixture profiles and software updates.
PS2 Keyboard input
RS-232 Port, for PC interface
RCA Audio input for Chases
Voltage selection switch

4752 programmable scenes
1152 programmable chases
1152 programmable shows
1152 programmable presets
48 fixture groups
Fade times up to 90 minutes
Run 16 chases simultaneously
Run 17 shows simultaneously

Dimensions: 28” x 23” x 7 / 711 x 584 x 178mm
Weight: 37 lbs. / 17 kgs.
110/220V AC power supply

SD3RC - Road case
USB LITE (LED gooseneck lamp)

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