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The MBT CX1603 is a feature packed 16 channel DMX dimming controller at a very affordable price!. Channels 1-8 are controlled via 8 sliders and 8 bump buttons. Channels 9-16 are controlled via 8 on/off latch buttons as well as 8 bump buttons. This works very well for applications that have par cans that you need dimming capability for and effects units that you need on/off only control. It has 30 pre-programmed chase patterns which can chase to the user selected speed, audio control or with a tap/sync button. A unique remote footswitch allows you to step away from the console and control full-on standby, pattern-up and pattern-down. This feature makes it great for people in bands and houses of worship that might not have their hands free..

CX1603 Features:
• 16 channel DMX chase controller
• 8 sliders and 8 on/off buttons
• Flash "bump" buttons for all channels
• Remote footswitch control
• 30 pre-programmed chase patterns

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