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Antari BU-200


The Antari BU-200 utilizes 4 bubble wheels and 3 fans to produce a heavy flood of bubbles. DMX capability allows it to be easily integrated into a current DMX-512 system.

BU-200 Features:

• 4 "Double Bubble Wheels"
• Generates a continuous torrent of bubbles
• 3 fans set at the back of the unit spread the bubble far apart
• Designed with lighting designers, large clubs, and theatrical production in mind.
• DMX operation
• Optional timer
• Wireless remote control
• Power Consumption: 100W
• Tank Capacity: 1.5 liters
• Fluid Consumption Rate: 20 min/liter
• Remote Included: BCT-1 (Timer Remote)
• Optional Remotes: BCR-1 (Wireless Remote)
• Weight: 11 Kg

Category: Bubble Machines

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