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MBT Haze Pro HZ 300
MBT Haze Pro HZ 300
Detail:  MBT HZ300
Price: $599.99

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MBT HZ 300 Haze Pro

The MBT Haze Pro HZ 300 is the replacement for the very popular MBT HZ100 only with higher output and DMX control! Unless you need the look of fog for a theatrical purpose, we highly recommend using a hazer over a fog machine because you get a much finer mist and not the thick patchy cloud that quickly finds its way to the HVAC return vent. The finer particles will slowly spread throughout the venue giving your lighting much greater coverage!

MBT Haze Pro HZ 300 features:

  • 1700 cuft/min output
  • HZ1TC timer remote included
  • Uses MBT HZFG fluid
  • 2.5 liter tank capacity
  • XLR in and out for DMX control


Product Details
Product Manual:
HZ300 Manual
19'' L x 10''W x 10''H
Weight: 25.00 lbs
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HZ1-TC Remote

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